Friday is the international timesheet day. Maybe Monday? :)

If you use git as your version control, it’s easy to get the work made in the last 7 days.

First, make sure you have your git name properly configured (check your ~/.gitconfig file).

If not, add your name running in the command line (same as described in GitHub help):

git config --global "Mona Lisa"

Note: This must be the full name you’re using during GitHub commits. It’s not the GitHub username.

Then, run the following command (in terminal too) to add a git alias called timesheet:

git config --global alias.timesheet '!git log --reverse --date=short --pretty=format:"%ad - %s%d" --date=short --date-order --author="$(git config" --branches --since="1 week ago"'

Done! Scary, not? But you can find most of the params explained in the git log command help.

Now go to your project folder and run:

git timesheet