My ISP gave me a new cable modem, and here we go again to disable wifi and use a dedicated wifi router in order to get a improved and strong signal.

This process always relies in the same steps, disabling Wireless, DHCP and NAT, making Arris modem work in bridge mode.

Before Start

  1. Your wifi router must be configured with LAN IP
  2. Do not plug a network cable between the wifi router and Arris TG862.
  3. Your computer must be connected to Arris TG862 wifi.

Changing Arris TG862 LAN IP

First step is to open Arris TG862 web interface at

Log in using admin as user, password as password.

At LAN Setup tab:

  • Change IP Address to
  • Change Start IP Address to
  • Change End IP Address to
  • Click on Apply (Arris will restart and you’ll loose the wifi connection for few seconds).

IP LAN Setup

Connect to your Wifi router

Turn on your wifi router and now plug the network cable between it and Arris at port 1.

Now, connect your computer to your router wifi network (and not to Arris wifi).

Disabling Arris TG862 Wifi

Now we’ve changed the Arris LAN IP, we need to open again this web interface in our browser, but now at the new IP: (use the same credentials, user admin and password password).

At Basic Setup tab:

  • Disable wireless.
  • Click on Apply (notice that modem Wifi light will go off).

Basic Setup

Configuring Arris TG862 to Bridged mode

At WAN Setup tab:

  • Disable DHCP.
  • Click on Apply.

WAN Setup

At LAN Setup tab:

  • Disable DHCP Server.
  • Change Nat Mode to Bridged.
  • Click on Apply (modem will restart).

LAN Setup


Restart your wifi router in order to get a new local IP and new WAN IP.


Reverting Changes

After change your ARris TG862 to work in bridge mode, it’ll no more allow logins using the web interface: you still will be able to see the login page, but you’ll always get the Invalid Username or Password! message.

If you want to revert all configurations to the previous one (i.e, the one from the ISP), you can reset the Arris TG862 using a pen, pressing the reset button for 30 seconds.