Sometimes I have to handle layouts made in Photoshop.

And I have a license for the Elements 10 version (the budget version, with several limitations).

It can be installed on Ubuntu using PlayOnLinux (install with sudo apt-get install playonlinux), which is a graphical wizard to install Windows applications on Linux (it relies on wine).

The install process is almost trivial, with few caveats:

  1. Install these PlayOnLinux components before run the setup: atmlib, gdiplus and gecko.

  2. You’ll need to kill the installer when it starts to install Organizer. If you do not kill it, Organizer install will throw an error, and it’ll rollback the entire Photoshop install.

  3. In the first time you open Photoshop, it’ll display a message about missing Adobe Application Manager. Download it the Windows version from, and run it using PlayOnLinux (after open it, click on Configure button, select Photoshop virtual drive, click in the Miscelanous tab and finally click in Run a .exe file in this virtual drive).